1. Score =60%
    Correct answers:
    1. His computer has a virus.
    2. The warranty has expired since he bought the computer.
    3. They are understaffed to handle customer complaints.
    4. The company manufactures secure and trustworthy machines.
    5. Turbo Command

  2. Score = 80%
    Correct answers:
    1. Jones Detective Agency
    2. roommate
    3. food
    4. home
    5. He ought to contact the police to discuss the issues.

  3. DV
    1. a present for her father
    2. $40.95
    3. There isn’t a place to put pictures.
    4. $10.00
    5. a tie

    1. in the afternoon
    2. They are going to eat soon.
    3. candy
    4. tomatoes
    5. play with toys

    1. to an art museum
    2. Indian
    3. There are unusual animals on display.
    4. She wants to buy mementos of their visit.
    5. by subway


    1. He has a cold.
    2. since Sunday
    3. three times a day after meals
    4. take herbal medicine
    5. listen to Carla`s suggestion


    1. The man`s name is Ronald.
    2. in Canada
    3. He sells animals.
    4. has two brothers and three dogs
    5. You can reach him at 789-1350.


    1. thirteen dollars
    2. because he didn`t remember to do it
    3. on Saturday
    4. in his bedroom
    5. He will buy some toys.


    1. Greg
    2. Colorado
    3. He is a third-year student.
    4. at a supermarket
    5. reading

  4. Dinner Time

    Score =

    Correct answers:

    1. She is resting in bed.
    2. He is not following the recipe.
    3. She can tell by his non-verbal expressions.
    4. It was too chewy.
    5. They eat something different at home.

    Driver’s License

    Score =

    Correct answers:

    1. She has her license and wants to drive now.
    2. Teenagers often drive at high speeds.
    3. The girl might fall asleep at the wheel.
    4. The father doesn`t obey the rule either.
    5. The girl persuades the father to let her drive the car.

  5. NP
    1. What did the young man buy at the bookstore?
    A. notebooks, pencils, and one eraser
    B. three books, pens, and an eraser
    C. some paper, five pencils, and an eraser
    2. The son says he carries two smart phones because _______.
    A. one of them doesn’t work very well
    B. his iPhone is broken
    C. he stays in touch with different people
    3. What else does the son have with him?
    A. a jacket
    B. suntan lotion
    C. food
    4. How did he pay for everything?
    A. in cash
    B. with a credit card
    C. by check
    5. About when does the conversation take place?
    A. in January
    B. in March
    C. in June

    Score =


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