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Welcome to the School English new blog.

If you are one of our students, feel free to join us and comment anything related to English.

Remember that you need to sign in and the permission of your parents if you want to publish a post.

Ester and Alberto

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  1. [ What are these different audio choices? ]
    [ Other Audio Option: Play Window Media ]
    1. Who will meet the woman at the airport?
    A. the woman’s father
    B. the man’s brother
    C. a friend from work
    2. The person is _______ tall.
    A. quite
    B. extremely
    C. not so

    3. He has _______ hair.
    A. black
    B. red
    C. brown

    4. The man wears ______________.
    A. black shoes
    B. blue shirts
    C. a white hat

    5. The man’s name is _______.
    A. Mike
    B. Marshall
    C. Matthew

    Score =
    Correct answers:

    Juan Carlos Velastegui Luzuriaga


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