1. 1. her sister
    2. a sweater
    3. She’s sociable.
    4. a green tie
    5. she is taking karate lessons from him.

    1. Nick
    2. can`t come to the telephone.
    3. 589-7248
    4. to ask her father to call him later.
    5. her name

  2. 1. on Saturday
    2. by a river
    3. seven
    4. She has been working a lot recently.
    5. oatmeal cookies
    1. He goes by Nick.
    2. He`s originally from Brownsville.
    3. He`s in his early twenties.
    4. He saw her in a language class.
    5. is going to be a negative influence on her

  3. 1. a newspaper
    2. a book about animals
    3. The girl should read books everyday.
    4. cookies
    5. in the evening

    1. at a video rental shop
    2. $3.50
    3. $7.50
    4. Thursday
    5. a membership card

  4. The blog is working again and we are going to start with the first writing:

    You have this week (from 28th November to the 4th of December) to write what you like about Christmas. Remember that you must use around 120 words and be careful with spelling and grammar. You will have corrections during the next week.

    Thank you, my beloved students.



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